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A Short Story by

Yawar J. Maajed  

“Come on… damn it!!! Turn on already!”

I kept pressing on the gas while switching the key in the ignition. What the fuck! The car had to refuse to start today. I did too, in the morning and came to the office late, very late, probably because of the hangover I had last night. No, I wasn’t with friends; I wasn’t at a party either. I was just in the comfort of my own little lonely apartment, the way I like it.


I could keep trying until the battery went dead, or I could call some help and let a mechanic take care of it. Nay… I’m too cheap for paying someone for fixing my car. Well, to satisfy myself, I stuck with a simple excuse that it’s too late and getting help isn’t possible, though everything my wallet has is one credit card that is about to max out and 10 bucks in cash. Yeah, that’s right… I am very close to being a street bum now; just waiting for the day my boss kicks my ass out of the office.


I gave up trying to start the damn car, and came out of it. I lit a cigarette, hoping to get a little relaxed but the burning red top of the cigarette aggravated me even more. I had spent entire day listening to yelling and cursing in this shit hole of a place I call my office; where most of my colleagues look like cigarettes, yeah, that’s right, with their tops on fire; spreading stinky smoke wherever they walk about. I threw the cigarette down and put my foot on it as hard as I could, screaming the kind of profanity I hadn’t heard even in my office.


 After seven, buses don’t run every fifteen minutes. I didn’t know the bus schedule, so I decided to go and wait for the next one. Thick evening fog brought my attention to the deep silence all over. Some nights are just so very quiet; this sure was one of them. Every twenty or so steps a speeding car would pass by, waking up all surroundings. I’ve never liked the sound of an accelerating car.


“Did you hear that? Sounds like a crying baby”


I looked around; the voice seemed to be coming from behind the bushes. There can’t be any baby crying at this hour of the night and in a place like this. Curious and a little scared, I started looking around. Goodness gracious! There was a cat in the bushes near the sidewalk. The streetlight was pretty good here so I was able to see it clearly. The kitty looked very frightened, and the feeling of fear was mutual. I had never heard a kitty cry before; it was like a human baby or a very old woman crying. I leaned over to pick it up; it did not resist. It just tried to crawl away a little with its fore legs. It was very warm, like it was running a fever. My hands got wet. I looked closer only to add to my fear; the darned thing was soaked in blood. Someone had run her over; its hind legs seemed crushed. I took my jacket off and carefully wrapped the poor thing in it. A hospital was just a couple miles away. I could either stop some gentleman passing in his car and ask for a ride or I could walk to the hospital myself. I decided to start walking towards the hospital, thinking that if someone passed by I would ask for a lift. Of course, I knew that it was no animal hospital… But those guys are professionals, they will think of something.


But the poor kitty… some bastard ran her over, probably didn’t even stop to see what he had done. I really was tired and there was no way I could walk all the way to the hospital with blood dripping down my hands like this. It wasn’t my blood, but it still was blood and it was freaking me out.

I heard a car coming from behind me. I saw the lights and started waving my arm. The car driver probably also got scared like I was and passed even faster than he seemed to be coming towards me. I was no robber; I was just a man trying to ask for a ride.


The whole day I was carrying myself around, hurt inside and now I was carrying something wounded all over. I am not a bad guy; The least I could do was to take her to the hospital.


She turned her face up and looked at me. There was this weird glitter in her eyes, like some kind of light was coming from inside. The look was very deep, as if she was complaining about something or blaming me for the pain. I didn’t do it; I was just trying to help. The nails on her paws looked very sharp. What if she started turning bigger and then jumped on my face and peeled my skin off; opened my skull and took my brains out and started having a feast right there on the road!

I kept walking, trying to keep these bizarre thoughts out of my mind. Yes, I should think about my car. What am I going to do in the morning? Maybe I should ask my brother to help me out; he is very good at things like these. I’ll call him tomorrow morning. What about dinner? I have nothing to eat at home. I’ll pick something up on my way back.


It was still staring at me….


Maybe I’ll look around for some food mart near the bus station.


“Stop looking at me!” I yelled. “I’m just trying to help you”.


Kitty didn’t seem to take notice of my yelling, just turned her head away. What if she was done planning and was ready to attack me? What if she really attacks me with her sharp claws? She’ll leave me soaked in blood on the side of the road, maybe in the bushes and then a big, huge cat would come walking by and take me to the hospital, to an animal hospital!


That’s ridiculous. I shook my head and started walking even faster; I wanted to get this over with as soon as I could. Before I saw this cat, there was a car passing almost every minute or so and now it felt like everyone in the city had suddenly gone to sleep or… maybe had been run over by cars with headlights on their backs. Maybe everyone’s legs were crushed and they were crawling towards me, with the hope that I would take them to the hospital; maybe with glitter in their eyes and very sharp nails.


I looked at the cat again; she was looking right into my eyes once again. Was the cat getting heavier or was it just my tired arms? She was feeling much heavier than she did when I picked her up from those bushes. My arms started going numb. God! Please help me, I am just trying to help here, this thing isn’t going to attack me and kill me; or is it…?


The so very quiet atmosphere got filled with sounds and echoes. There was sound of this very heavy breathing … that had to be my own; and then there was this sound of thumping; wait… Was that my own footsteps or the pounding of my heart? It was hard to tell. There was this very weak crying too, where the hell was that coming from? The kitty? I almost started running when I heard the sound of a big roar. Damn it… I was right… She was going to eat me alive. I tossed her in the middle of the road and started running. The very next moment, I heard a screeching sound and then a thud. The roar was the sound of the car coming behind me and the thud was the cat being crushed again.


The car stopped for a few seconds but then started again, this time with driver pressing full on gas. He knew very well that he had run over something; He stopped but then decided to run.


Taking very slow steps towards the middle of the road, with an empty mind and wide open eyes, all I could think of was getting eaten by a crippled cat and all I could see was her little crushed body wrapped in my jacket in the middle of the road.