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Yawar Maajed

English Rendition


Dr. Kamran Haider


Residing the chairs
In all corners of the table
Smoking cigarettes
Peeping through the haze
Of myopic lenses
Hardly making an eye contact
Pouring tea in cups
Then sipping with a resonance
Licking the spilled over chocolaty drops of tea
From the lips of rusty cups
Ridiculously putting their hands together
At a note merely uttered for appraisal
— muttering filth and gossiping dirt
Each single word of their rambling talk
Has nothing but conclusive conviction
And absolute confidence
As if the creator of this universe
called for their advice
while fabricating life
In span of the fake applauds, filthy puns and glittery giggles
In bang of the rising storm within the hearts of empty mugs
Holding convex lenses in their tiny hands
Measuring shortness of others’ stature
Lengthening their own height
With affixed bamboos at thighs
Stood up from chairs
Raised all together
The pygmies
Screaming at full volume
Cutting at others’ talking tongue
Licking the vacuity of tea cups
The tiny-little pygmies

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