Yawar Maajed – یاور ماجد

Yawar Maajed

Aankh Bhar Asman – Eyeful Sky

Why does a steam of water sing such beautiful tunes when it flows, why does spring artistically start etching red when it bestows life almost dead grounds? why does a banyan tree start to rave when the morning wind kisses its cheeks, why do rivers run so fast to the seas, why does breeze start to play tunes when the quiet of life seems to take over? why do the grounds start smelling so good when it starts raining? why does the sun fill the skies with such beautiful colors before it appears on the horizon and after it leaves it? why do clouds play with rays of sunshine? why do I pick up pen and start writing whenever I feel sad?

Rays of sun hit millions of droplets of rain and they simply reflect them; it is only one in a million drops that extracts out beautiful colors from within a ray of light and spreads them on the sky, perhaps I have the illusion of being that drop of rain who fails to reflect the passing moments like those millions of drops of rain, who is incapable to look at the circumstances the way others do; I feel incomplete from inside until I take that ray of light, take all of its colors out and paint them with my words.

My dress of honor is woven with all the intensity of sensitive thoughts, I consider myself to be a bearer of rhythm given to me by nature and try to spend all my time returning it to the world, the same thing that birds return with their songs at the time of sunrise. The beauties and unfairness of life have been maintaining a color, a tune and a balance, I take myself to be a tiny little print of the same.

I don’t know how would you take my poetry, behind these simple words, at times you will find palpitating love and at times, you will find breaking heavy breathing dipped into the elixir of hate; at times mourns of limitations coming from the knowing inside and at times a proud bird flying high in the skies; at times you might find a little boy singing sad tunes about his old age and at times you might find an old shaky man making innocent wishes, somewhere you might find a juggler walking skillfully on the unending rope in a circular path and somewhere you might come across a little dying flame that out of scare bows to the ground or looks up the sky with utter complaints.

In some verses you might find a prisoner, doing time for a crime he never committed and in some you might see a free deer unendingly prancing in the beautiful valleys of life. Somewhere you might see a lifeless body, drowned in the intoxication of self-torture and at another place you might see a crazy guy trying to express his love for his beloved; the nature. Somewhere you might even find a guy with eyes full of tears complaining about the clarity of the sceneries around him.
I would be convinced that I have done a good job if when reading my poetry you think that it is what you wanted to write.

I have been writing for over 25 years now, I could never really convince myself to get my poetry published in the form of a book, in this age and day, I always believed that internet is the way to go, as long as you have your presence on the net, you are there. I had decided on the name of my book as “Aankh Bhar Asman” (Eyeful Sky) آنکھ بھر آسمان  some 20 years ago when I was not even introduced to magic we call the internet, and when I created my first site on the internet, I gave it the same name. I could not even imagine that someone will steal this name and call it their own, a couple weeks ago, I was talking to my friend Gulnaz Kausar on phone when she told me that there has been a TV show from Pakistan Television running for over a year now, produced and directed by the veteran Pakistani actor Abid Ali. Even though this is theft of three simple words, in my books it still is a theft. I suspect that a legendary actor such as Abid Ali would do something like this knowingly, it might very well be that one of his team members might have stolen it from my site and suggested him the name and he might have agreed without verifying the originality of it, or maybe he knew it very well and still went ahead with it without giving credit to me. Nevertheless, I expect that he will rectify this mistake and give me proper credit and admit that the name was taken from my site, although even if he does not admit it, what harm could a poet possibly do to him or his fame?

This site has been on the internet for about 14 years now, I created the first version of this site back in 1999 and hosted it on my personal site at comsats in Pakistan, later on it moved to GeoCities, then Windows Live Spaces and now it lives in WordPress. I don’t consider this to be an honor or anything and never bragged about it but it remains to be  fact that “Aankh Bhar Asman” was the very first Urdu Poetry site on the internet.

Dec 28, 2013

Dec 28, 2013